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Open Qiflow class

Every Monday at 12 - 13 pm

In Moar Studios

Flow - Release - Balance

Qigong promote self-healing, it helps us release any old stagnations that might have been left in the body for a long time.

Qigong includes moving meditation, postures, breathing technique, self-massage,  sound and focused intent. All that helps in improving mental and physical health. 



In QiFlow we go into a form of repetitive and almost dance-like flow movements, releasing stagnation and finding balance. It is similar to qigong but we go into more body work, movement and flow.

Soft prenatal yoga and qi gong exercises. Additionally, acupressure teachings are frequently added to the classes for home practise for expected mothers. 


Movement and breathing for self-awareness and mind-body connection.



QiFlow is based on the foundation of Chinese medicine and works on removing blockages in the meridian used in Chinese medicine.

We connect inward, do repetitive movements and let our body release any old stagnations that might have been stuck for a long time. It is similar to qigong in that way but QiFlow gets your body moving differently and you go into a form of repetitive almost soft dance-like flow movements.


(Qiflow Realise Technique)

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