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Aldis S. Sigurdardottir 

Acupuncturist BSc

Qigong and yoga teacher

Creator of QiFlow Realise Technique

Chinese medicine practitioner

"My qi gong practice has lead me down a path of self discovery and taught me that we as a whole are able to connect with everyone and everything around us in a profound and deeper way than I could have ever imagined. For me qi gong opens the possibility of a deeper connection of self and everything around us."
— Aldis S. Sigurdardottir

Aldis is an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Qi gong teacher having worked in the field for a decade. Additionally, she is a yoga teacher and Doula which she integrates in her work with her clients to create an expanded holistic approach.


Her first experience with Chinese medicine was through her sister’s pregnancy. Experiencing second hand how much it helped her sister through a challenging pregnancy lit a spark that then turned into a BSc Degree in Acupuncture from College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and Kingston College in London.

After years of working as an Acupuncturist in London and Iceland and seeing how stress levels and burn out seem to be increasing

year by year she started further studying the Chinese healing movement practices of Qigong and the ancient Indian practice of yoga. Coming from a dancer’s background, movement was the most natural addition to her chosen holistic path and it wasn't long until she took her practises to the classroom.

Along with teaching precious ancient qigong techniques that have helped people for decades she has also brought her own personal Qi Flow Release Technique to the classroom. Helping people find their flow and creativity within their own life and release that spark out into the world.


She is an overseas member of BAcC and a member of IAA and ETCMA.

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