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Flow - Release - Balance

Wood Element Qigong

Wood element is vitality, growth, creativity and kindness.
Wood energy is also related to flexibility and human-heartedness.

Fire Element Qigong

The Fire element in Eastern Medicine is associated with the Heart. It is good for anxiety, ro find your inner joy and to balance sleep.


QiFlow is based on the foundation of Chinese medicine and works on removing blockages in the meridian used in Chinese medicine.

We do repetitive movements, that way the body can go deeper and release any old stagnations that might have been left in the body for a long time. It is similar to qigong in that way but QiFlow gets your body moving differently and you go into a form of repetitive almost dance-like flow movements.


(Qiflow Realise Technique)

Free classes


Looking for balance and calm. This 20 min class is focused on balancing the emotions, especially frustration. It also empower the heart energy.


A short class to get your energy lined up. It is designed to bring calmness and give more focus. Good when you feel scattered and need a deep breath.

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